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The possibilities of the internet, soaring connection speeds and powerful new devices offer more freedom than we could ever imagine. This freedom presents challenging opportunities for client growth (new sales channels) and cost-saving (optimization of existing processes). We propose and implement expansive and effective technology solutions to help you do business in the third millennium.

But why do we call ourselves a project management specialist when we deliver technology solutions? Most of the key players in project management provide infrastructure or power solutions. When the tasklist is daunting and the deadline critical, it make sense to say "we can do it" within the allocated costs, deadline and quality specifications. Fontai doesn't build factories and we're not a web agency: our story begins somewhere in the middle. We define ourselves by our ability to deliver added-value bespoke technology projects on time.

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registered verified members: 125
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Activity log

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01/04/2023 (auction results database) redesign launched


new fintech stuff with brave idea to transform public money distribution, where we deliver platform and project management of whole startup as well


we have created new webapp portal with real time data for (loader and belt scales devices) in collaboration with 

02/01/2019 new website based on design + information system on fontai backend with Premier system integration delivered.

09/10/2018 new website with cooperation of delivered

01/02/2018 new corporate identity including website based on design + information system on fontai backend delivered.



We deliver more than just a platform: we share our know-how with our clients to generate added value in the long term.

Growth Startups Special

Automation = efficiency

Once your project is up and running and all is well, it’s time to start preparing for multiple growth. If not, it’s time to think about reducing costs and hold out for an upturn as long as the project remains viable. Automation is the solution in either scenario. Automate your day-to-day operations and bring order to your workflow with online supervision. We relish the technological challenge of integrating with different systems and hardware. Outsource your technology management to us and reap the benefits of efficiency and a close trust-based working relationship.

Share your idea, we create IT

Green field development is the simplest way to test drive new approaches and technologies. We love to make your dreams reality and watch your project grow from inception. We are ready to build solutions that keep up with the ever-changing needs of our clients.

We love it

We’re always looking to broaden our horizons with new experiences, whatever the scope of your project. Because life isn’t just about business. We prefer special projects within our technology focus and skillset. backend graphs backend led control backend backend frontend frontend


  • robust web sales platform
  • automated invoices, financial statements, logs, watchdogs
  • integrated systems: parking lot system, camera system with license plate recognition, led navigation system
  • outsourced technology management
  • automatic dispatching ios "browser app"


  • esales platform, warehousing
  • internal bike configurator
  • outsourced technology management


  • six websites, superadmin tool, redaction workflow tool
  • ex technology management
  • this project is now in standard agency regime due to a change of management and new technology concept


  • image presentation of new lighting collection, "RED"
  • integration with
  • automated mail alerts
  • voip integration
  • fasttrack ordering system for wholesale customers


  • major subproject within ambitmedia project
  • czech art auction market portal
  • database of 100,000 works of art
  • expert articles, in-depth analysis, payment methods
  • basic corporate identity


  • server housing esales platform
  • lan management system integration
  • basic corporate identity


  • email and sms tool
  • batch sending
  • user management, statistics, online template editor
  • api for client websites


  • groupon based product
  • discounts, campaign tools, provisioning system
  • facebook app
  • 2014 - project closed


  • microsite for creative exhibition with more than 100,000 visitors
  • sophisticated workaround enabling internet users to control cameras in exhibition space
  • for details see video here:


  • specific product based startup
  • product configurator
  • order processing

Lily Fontai

  • lily ai character poster created as a fontai gift for special occasions
  • microsite built to present this poster as a standalone product

Fontai Factory

  • artwork created as free interpretation of fontai "ribbon" logo
  • preference for japanese apocalyptic animated movie style
  • specified fresh stream in post-apocalyptic environment
  • now available for download as a gift for fontai network registered members

Skills and tools

There is no one-size-fits-all solution. We custom build our solutions on the symfony framework, leveraging our expert knowledge, user experience standards and client feedback, with the input of the fontai network. Our technical skill and standardized visual style guarantee a high caliber of project.

Fontai backends

  • dashboard - aggregated data, bugs reporting
  • products - comprehensive view of client products and services, warehouse
  • transactions - measurable growth indicators (mainly orders)
  • sales units - management of sales channels
  • content - management of standard frontend content
  • settings - system roles, backend administration
  • system info - technical logs

Fontai control

  • tool for processing fontai client service needs
  • projects overview for in-house use
  • fontai knowledge sharing

Fontai library

  • tool for showing how-to video tutorials to fontai clients 
  • links to external resources

Fontai advertiser

  • tools for maintaining banner campaigns
  • campaign statistics and graphs


About fontai

The fontai story began with a basic need to separate project management and IT from the other activities of J.I.R. Associates s.r.o. and place them under a new unique and competitive international brand. The domain of project management was a perfect fit for founder Michal Jira’s background. The domain was registered on September 3, 2008 and our logotype and a new non-public website followed in April 2009.

Fontai’s mission philosophy is to deliver high caliber technology projects with a long-term service component in conjunction with individuals and groups of professionals. The secret to our success lies in carefully selecting the right projects for our company/network.

Watch our showreel for a quick overview of our company, services and completed projects...



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office: kopernikova 10, prague 2, czech republic

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